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semper liber homines

This website is dedicated to providing information, educational and training resources, recommendations of equipment, and more for the WV Minutemen, III%ers, and others who fully recognize the facts of their standing, and the mindset to correct transgressions against it.

Learning the facts in America

There have been many transgressions upon the American people by a multitude of different sources, and each with specific intentions. Use the links provided throughout our website to start your researching and learning of just how and what IS taking place to deceive you of your Rightful Liberty.

Before one can act upon the facts, he must know them. Without comprehending them, one cannot act accordingly when confronted by others who would attempt to subvert or outright deny them. KNOW instantly when another is acting criminally against you and should they then attempt to use force, use your lawful Right to defend your self from their criminal attempts.

We recommend learning about such things in our Discovery Center, and the SMCGAoA Learning Center.

Minuteman Resources

Minutemen can find links to resources and training aids using the links provided in the "navbar menu" at the top of the site's pages.

Discovery Center

It is highly suggested to all, in order to conduct one's affairs knowledgeably, 'to learn and comprehend fully the facts and material provided in the Discovery Center, and the SMCGAoA Learning Center.


Various publications relating to subjects synonymous with operations as a Minuteman.

Training Aids

Materials that are of aid for instruction and training purposes.